Monday, February 23, 2009

Stocks for the week of Feb 23

Here are the stocks that are passing at least three of my five filters, for the week of Feb 23. There are no stocks that are passing four of five filters, so the ones that you see here have passed (the minimum) of three.

SymbolTop RankedZacks PEG SuppDem VLIBD Stock checkup
APOL 11 199
ESI  11199
CELG 11 198
RMD 11 198
CPSI 11 197
PNRA 11 197
BCR 11 196
COCO 11 196
CAI 11 194
CNQR 11 186

VIVO has fallen off the core list, but AIR is appearing for the first time. AAR Corp is a member of the S&P Small Cap 600, and provides products and services for aircraft fleet operators, original equipment manufacturers, independent service providers, and the military.

Core list (with n of 10 weeks passing):

SymbolPassing weeks Earnings
MANT9Earn 25-Feb

moving down this week
moving up this week
new this week

The S&P 500 has dropped to previous lows, and is now in a cautious Yellow Red Light mode according to the 1-2-3 model. (The S&P P/E ratio has moved from 23.08 to 10.54 in a week, which is extremely suspect in mind. But that is what is being reported at The Inflation Model has moved to the neutral mark, at zero inflation stars.

It seems to me that Mr. Market is skeptical that the new stimulus package is going to have its intended effect. I hope to remain cautiously optimistic.

Have fun trading this week.

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