Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stocks for May 11, 2008

Here are the weekly stocks the passed three or more of my five filters. RIMM has passed all five, again.

SymbolTop RankedZacks PEG SuppDem VLIBD Stock checkup
ACI 1111A+
BUCY1 211A+
RIG111 1A+
KEX112 1A
AAPL1 21 A+
AXYS 11 1A+
BIDU112 A+
BRY 11 1A+
CSX1 1 1A+
FLS 11 1A+
JOYG 11 1A+
LNN 11 1A+
MA112 A+
MON 11 1A+
MOS1 1 1A+
PCLN 111A+
POT1 1 1A+
SWN 12 1A+
DE1 1 1A
DVN 11 1A
GFA111 A
MANT 11 1A
MATK 11 1A
GLW 12 1A-
IVGN 12 1A-
XLNX 11 1A-

This week, I welcome these two stocks to the core list:

  • JOYG
  • LNN
Joy Global (JOYG) makes mining equipment. It was on my core list some time ago. Lindsay Corporation (LNN) manufactures and sells automated agricultural irrigation systems that enhance or stabilize crops. KWK and LIFC are off the core list.

Core list (with n of 10 weeks passing):

SymbolPassing weeks Earnings
RIG10Earn 6-Aug
RIMM10Earn 25-Jun
BUCY9Split 27-May
KEX6Earn 23-Jul
JOYG5Earn 29-May

moving down this week
moving up this week
new this week

The market had a sharp drop at the end of the week, but it looks like it's recovering a little bit on Monday.

I am reading Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks. Part memoir, part research, Sacks describes the effect of music on the mind, from the point of view of a neuroscientist who loves music.

I put the Chris Mayer book down for a little bit because I think I'm reading too much about stocks to enjoy them.

Have fun trading this week.

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