Monday, April 21, 2008

Stocks for April 21, 2008

Here are the weekly stocks the passed three or more of my five filters. BUCY, RIG, and RIMM have passed all five. IBD is also listing RIG as having broken out of a cup-and-handle (a good thing).

SymbolTop RankedZacks PEG SuppDem VLIBD Stock checkup
CSX1 111A+
DE1 111A+
MOS1 111A+
NOV1111 A+
POT1 111A+
WFT1 111A+
BIDU1121 A
ISRG1 211A
ARD1 11 A+
AXYS 11 1A+
CAM1 11 A+
FSLR1 21 A+
JOYG 11 1A+
KWK1 11 A+
MON 11 1A+
NE1 11 A+
NFLX 12 1A+
PRGO 11 1A+
RDC1 11 A+
RRC1  11A+
ANSS 12 1A
CELG1 11 A
CLHB 12 1A
ESRX 11 1A
EZPW1 11 A
GME 11 1A
HLF 11 1A
KEX 12 1A
MANT 11 1A
MATK 11 1A
MPWR1 11 A
SOL1 11 A
GLW 12 1A-
WMB 12 1A-

MA and TNE are off the core list, but I welcome NOV and WMB back on the list. (These two have been off the list for only three and four weeks, respectively.)

Core list (with n of 10 weeks passing):

SymbolPassing weeks Earnings
RIG10Earn 7-May
PCLN9Earn 17-Apr
RIMM8Earn 25-Jun
KWK6Earn 7-May
FLIR5Earn 24-Apr
MUR5Earn 30-Apr
POT5Earn 24-Apr

moving down this week
moving up this week
new this week

Henry and I are discussing whether the DJIA is putting in a bottom or is in the midst of a sucker's rally. I don't know, but I I am gingerly holding on to my bearish bias. What do you think? Do you see higher lows and higher highs (bullish)? Or lower lows and lower lows (bearish)? Or some indefinitive combination of the two? I'll let you decide for yourself. Henry, if it's any consolation, IBD is siding with you: "Market in confirmed rally." As for me, I know that the news reports can misinterpret or lie, while the charts always portray what has happened and gives a fair guess as to what may happen.

I visited my mom in Silver Spring, MD. She celebrated her birthday last Saturday. I also helped her and dad decide on a new (used) car: a Toyota Camry. It did well on Consumer Report's "Best Used Cars under $20000" list. It also did well on crash tests, possibly because of the side air bags.

We went to Carmax first, and then Enterprise Car Sales. The former helped us narrow down which models were of interest. The latter offered a better price. It was interesting to walk into the Enterprise Car Sales and say exactly what we wanted: A Toyota Camry, last year or two, fewer than 20,000 miles, and the LE trim package. All the salesman had to do was to check his database. He brought up a car from Fairfax the next morning.

My best wishes for good trading this week.

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